Implantable contact lenses "a wise option"

Implantable contact lenses "a wise option"

People in search of a semi-permanent vision correction solution may find that implantable contact lenses are the answer to their problem, one expert has noted.

Dr Brian Bearie of the Grand Rapids Eye Institute performs the procedure for implantable contact lenses in Michigan, WoddTV.com reports.

He told the news provider that he has been performing the procedure to implant the lenses for many years and it is an effective solution.

People who do not often have time to put in lenses and take them out again, such as those in the military, may find them particularly convenient, he noted.

"It"s an excellent option for people who are not eligible for Lasik surgery and for anyone who needs to not have to deal with contact lens changing or with wearing glasses," the website added.

by Emily Tait

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