Contact lenses could protect eyes from cheap glasses

Contact lenses could protect eyes from cheap glasses

Contact lenses may be the answer to off-the-shelf reading glasses, which one commentator has warned can worsen vision problems and potentially cause long-term damage to eyesight.

While buying ready-to-wear spectacles may be tempting for those without the time or inclination to visit an optician, the Nigerian Tribune warns "such off-the-peg glasses could cause eye strain, blurred vision, headaches or double vision".

Cheap contact lenses may be a pleasant surprise for people who thought they were saving money on budget alternatives, with daily lenses potentially an affordable way for individuals to try the popular product.

International body Consumer Champion carried out a survey across 14 high street stores, finding a number of models are unsuitable for use.

Higher prescription glasses in particular could cause problems, it found, with such one-size-fits-all products problematic for people whose vision is not the same in both eyes.

And contact lenses could help with more than just reading, as Armor All recently reported having a clear view of the road is important when it comes to driving safety.  

by Martin Burns

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