Mature people "should consider eyesight" when driving

Mature people "should consider eyesight" when driving

Good eyesight is essential for all drivers, but older people should consider the possibility that theirs is deteriorating over time, it has been advised.

Getting checked out for contact lenses may be one option for individuals concerned about their vision, especially if mature drivers are reluctant to wear glasses after so many years without them.

As well as limited eyesight, slower reaction times or even mobility problems could affect older drivers, with The Marlborough Express pointing out certain medical conditions can also have unforeseen effects.

Belinda Boyce, field officer with the Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson"s Society, is collaborating with charities working on conditions such as strokes and diabetes, revealing her goal is "to raise awareness of the issues and to try to make people safer drivers".

Simon O"Neill, director of care, information and advocacy at Diabetes UK, recently warned people suffering from the condition are prone to eyesight problems, highlighting retinopathy and diabetic macular odema as particular causes for concern.  

by Martin Burns

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