Celebrity policeman has "bluest eyes"

Celebrity policeman has "bluest eyes"

The late film star Paul Newman was famous around the globe for his clear, steel-blue eyes and good looks.

Now, a former policeman, who has found small-screen fame by taking part in a reality endurance programme, has been hailed as having the bluest eyes in the world.

Brian Paddick, who used to be the deputy assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan police, is on the "up" list of people in the public eye, according to the Times" Celebrity Week columnist.

This week"s column praised Mr Paddick"s peepers, suggesting they could be more of a noteworthy sight than the body he revealed while showering in the Australian jungle in I"m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here.

"They are as lapis lazuli lasers, burning into a mesmerised nation," the article said.

"Now that Paul Newman is no more, it might just be that these are the bluest eyes in the world."

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by Alexa Kaczka

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