NHS "let down" may have damaged toddler"s vision

NHS "let down" may have damaged toddler"s vision

Posted by Alexa Kaczka

A toddler may have suffered irreparable eyesight damage due to shortcomings in the NHS, as a father has revealed delays in diagnosis meant his two-year-old did not receive vital treatment.

Fuad Mohammed claims problems with an appointment booking system meant it took months for his daughter, Shakila, to be diagnosed, after the family finally resorted to a private consultation.

He commented: “Shakila has been badly let down, not only by Barts and the London hospital but also Tredegar Practice, her GP,” Voice Online reports.

The child's vision has been affected by a rare condition called Aniridia, whereby the iris is absent or partially formed.

Contact lenses may also protect eyesight, saving people from straining to see or correcting vision to make activities like driving and reading easier.

Shakila is highly sensitive to light and has to wear dark glasses when outside, while her father reveals bright weather means their curtains must be drawn in the house.  

by Alexa Kaczka

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