Modern contact lens solutions "make using them suitable for teens"

Modern contact lens solutions "make using them suitable for teens"

Parents could be forgiven for worrying about the suitability of contact lenses for their children - especially when faced with perennially untidy bedrooms.

How could they be trusted to keep their contact lenses clean when their dirty laundry only finds it way to the floor?

Fortunately, manufacturers of contact lenses and cleaning solutions understand this and have created one-step methods that are suitable for even the most disorganised.

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care and Bausch & Lomb, for example, agree contact lenses are suitable for teens as long as they can adhere to hygiene guidelines.

One-step solutions clean, disinfect, rinse and remove unwanted and potentially harmful proteins from the lenses.

Recently, Chemical and Engineering news described the process by which this works in great detail and quoted Srini Venkatesh, Bausch & Lomb"s senior director for lens care product development, as saying: "There"s an art to developing solutions and a lot of skill."

Alternatively, parents could advise their children to opt for daily disposable lenses, which are thrown away at the end of each day and therefore do not need cleaning.

by Alexa Kaczka

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