Expert hails CooperVision contact lenses

Expert hails CooperVision contact lenses

By Martin Burns

One eyecare professional has highlighted the benefits of the latest brand of contact lenses released by CooperVision.

The company's Avaira Toric silicone hydrogel lenses for astigmatic patients have been rolled out across the US following a successful trial run last year and have resulted in significant improvements for patients of Dr Bora Yurter, from Cohen's Fashion Optical in Elmhurst, New York.

According to the expert, the toric lenses have many benefits over other types of lens, such as providing "all-day comfort" and also helping to offer "exceptional" visual performance even in people with varying prescriptions.

"I have been fitting the Avaira two-week lens in many patients and they are very pleased with the lens. I am excited to also offer my astigmatic patients the same benefits with the Avaira Toric contact lens," Dr Yurter explained.

Late last year, Cooper, the parent company of CooperVision, announced a 60 per cent rise in its fiscal fourth-quarter earnings, driven by strong sales of contact lenses and other products.

by Emily Tait

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