Coloured contact lenses "rising in popularity"

Coloured contact lenses "rising in popularity"

The popularity of coloured contact lenses is continuing to rise as consumers recognise the aesthetic benefits of the products, one source has asserted.

Priya Prahaladhan, writing for the City Journal, noted that coloured contact lenses are now more widely sold than ever and younger people in particular are attracted to the range of different styles and tones available.

A spokesperson for one retailer also told the news provider that lenses which offer vision correction while simultaneously changing the colour of the iris are particularly high in demand.

"Coloured corrective contact lenses are all the rage, even though they are being worn because of visibility problems. Brown and ash are the colours on demand, girls also like blue and green as they find them more suitable for parties," the representative said.

However, those thinking of investing in coloured contact lenses must be cautious of where they purchase them, as Dr Melanie Pickett, assistant professor of clinical ophthalmology at Indiana University"s School of Medicine, recently told the Chicago Tribune that unofficial products could cause eye problems.

by Adrian Galbreth

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