Poor eyesight "makes medicine management important"

Poor eyesight "makes medicine management important"

People with poor eyesight need to pay particular attention to their daily medicine, according to one expert who has warned of the dangers of not handling the products carefully.

In a recent issue of MedicinesTalk, published by NPS and seen by Medical News Today, NPS chief executive Lynn Weekes said that deteriorating eyesight in older people, who tend to take more daily medicines than the young, can be a major problem.

"Vision deterioration can occur slowly, so its immediate effects on everyday life may not be evident. Blurred or impaired vision can however make it difficult to identify medicines and read small print so it"s important people know how to manage their medicines safely," she explained.

People who do have trouble should use a form of vision correction to ensure they do not make a mistake and also ask for larger packaging, such as blister packs, she suggested.

Meanwhile, it is vital that people suffering from diabetes undergo regular eye exams in order to decrease their chances of developing diseases related to the condition, according to Simon O"Neill, director of care, information and advocacy at Diabetes UK.

by Martin Burns

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