Vision survey results "are unsurprising"

Vision survey results "are unsurprising"

By Alexa Kaczka

The results of a new survey which indicates that vision quality is by far the most important consideration for those buying eyecare products have been described as unsurprising by sector experts.

Dr Carla Mack director of Global Medical Affairs for Bausch + Lomb, said that clear, crisp vision is a "top priority" for patients, after her organisation published its latest NSIGHT survey questioning people on their reason for buying contact lenses and other products.

Improved vision was ranked well above the likes of convenience and comfort when it came to patients' decisions to invest in contact lenses, and this also came as no surprise to Dr Alan Saks, a private practitioner from Auckland, New Zealand.

He explained: "These data highlight a need to get back to basics and focus on vision. Patients and consumers have spoken - we should take heed of their hierarchical needs. Too many practitioners have lost sight of this basic premise."

Meanwhile contact lenses may be a preferable alternative to off-the-shelf reading glasses, according to one writer for the Nigerian Tribune, who said that these spectacles can worsen vision problems and even cause long-term damage to eyesight.

by Emily Tait

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