Contact lens wearers given makeup tips

Contact lens wearers given makeup tips

A number of tips have been issued to contact lens users who also wear false eyelashes to help them maintain eye safety.

Chiu Pin-chi, head of the department of dermatology at National Taiwan University Hospital"s Yunlin branch, told the Taipei Times that it is important for those wearing false eyelashes to remove their makeup every day, as it could lead to complications if they do not.

He noted that many women had visited the hospital in recent times following allergic reactions to the glue used to attach fake lashes, resulting in swelling and pain.

"Never use glue that is intended for other purposes, such as handicrafts. Only glue for cosmetic use, specifically designed to attach false eyelashes, should be used," the expert noted.

Meanwhile, in other fashion news Priya Prahaladhan, writing for the City Journal, noted that coloured contact lenses are now more widely sold than ever and younger people in particular are attracted to the range of different styles and tones available.

by Martin Burns

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