Contact lens usage "could be greater"

Contact lens usage "could be greater"

By Alexa Kaczka

The number of people in the UK wearing contact lenses could be higher if more people were introduced to the products at an earlier age, according to one vision sector expert.

CIBA vision head of professional affairs Mark Draper made the comments at a live webinar held to promote the company's new handbook for vision professionals, Optician Online reported.

The handbook covers issues such as how to retain customers and drive through sales following an eye exam and Mr Draper noted that illustrating the benefits of lenses at an earlier age is vital.

He told the website that the average age that a person begins wearing contact lenses is 23, compared with 16 for glasses, and this margin has to be closed.

The expert added that there are many areas of opportunity for multifocal contact lens fitting in younger age groups, which are currently "under-represented" in the UK.

Recently, the NSIGHT study carried out by Bausch + Lomb showed that the major consideration for buying eyecare products is to see better.

by Adrian Galbreth

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