Contact lens ruling prevents sale of cosmetic products

Contact lens ruling prevents sale of cosmetic products

By Martin Burns

A court ruling in the US has resulted in a supplier of cosmetic contact lenses being banned from selling the products without a prescription.

The Federal Trade Commission, which acts as the US's consumer protection agency, has settled with Da Young Kim and Gothic Lens LLC, requiring the company to pay a civil penalty of $50,000 (£31,000) in addition to the ban.

Previously, the organisation has sold themed cosmetic and coloured contact lenses to customers even without them having a prescription for the products and also failed to keep accurate records.

As wearing contact lenses can often result in problems such as corneal abrasions and ulcers and vision impairment, the Federal Trade Commission issued the Contact Lens Rule in 2004, which aims to safeguard consumers against unscrupulous traders.

A recent contact lens safety warning was issued by Melanie Pickett, assistant professor of clinical ophthalmology at Indiana University's School of Medicine, who told the Chicago Tribune that there are numerous risks associated with wearing lenses which replicate Lady Gaga's look in her Bad Romance music video.

by Adrian Galbreth

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