New eye technology monitors corneal distortions

New eye technology monitors corneal distortions

A new type of technology is improving the way in which professionals diagnose eye conditions and prescribe patients, it has been claimed.

David Davis, of Vision Source in East Las Vegas, made the comments about iZon technology, which measures the corneal distortions of a patient"s eye and enables the creation of custom high-definition lenses.

This therefore ensures lenses are more precise and match each patient"s unique cornea distortion, rather than simply being tailored to the strength of their vision, he noted.

"Most patients do not realize how poor their vision is until they try out a pair of the iZon lenses – once they experience their optimal vision, they are much happier," Dr Davis explained.

Alternatively, Dr Brian Bearie of the Grand Rapids Eye Institute recently suggested to WoodTV.com that people in search of a semi-permanent vision correction solution may find that implantable contact lenses are the answer to their problem.

by Martin Burns

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