Eyewear is a "hot accessory" for celebrities

Eyewear is a "hot accessory" for celebrities

When it comes to accessorising their outfits, female celebrities seem to go to great lengths.

People magazine has drawn attention to a new trend for amazing eyewear worn by two of the most well photographed singers in the world.

Beyonce was snapped wearing a snazzy pair of sunglasses during the filming of the video for her next release, Diva.

It published a photograph of her in the specs - silver in colour with what appear to be thin metallic fronds covering her eyes.

"But apparently, out-there eyewear is the newest fashion trend for stars, because Rihanna performed at the American Music Awards this weekend in a bejewelled eyepatch," the website continued.

It asked readers to vote for whichever star they thought has the "most outrageous" eyewear.

There is already a raft of website discussion forums dedicated to the subject of Rihanna"s eye colour, with the main query being as to whether or not she wears coloured contact lenses to enhance them.

by Alexa Kaczka

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