New lenses aid US military

New lenses aid US military

By Adrian Galbreth

The US military will soon benefit from a new type of lens which assists them when flying.

According to the Office of Naval Research's (ONR's) TechSolutions department, it will be providing all Navy Special Warfare Command personnel with special protective eyewear later this year.

This, it claims, will eliminate the need for pilots to stop and replace coloured lenses so they can accommodate changing light levels.

Stephanie Everett, ONR's TechSolutions programme manager, said that the Fast-Tint Protective Eyewear changes colour quicker than the transitional lenses people would find at an optician's.

She explained: "Currently, warfighters are using a set of interchangeable lenses that require them to stop and manually switch lenses to adjust the goggles to a particular light environment. But they can't take the time to stop and remove and replace the lenses."

It comes after David Davis, of Vision Source in east Las Vegas, said that iZon technology, which measures the corneal distortions of a patient's eye and enables the creation of custom high-definition lenses, is improving the way in which professionals diagnose eye conditions and prescribe patients.

by Emily Tait

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