Take care over whiteboards, schools told

Take care over whiteboards, schools told

Computer projectors and interactive whiteboard could damage people"s eyesight, according to new information published by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Light emitted from the projectors is in excess of the levels the HSE recommends for safe use.

It said education facilities should ensure good working practices are followed when interactive whiteboards and projectors are used in a classroom environment - and teachers and students alike should be made aware of these guidelines.

"Staring directly into the projector beam should be avoided at all times," it stated, going on to say standing in the beam of light while facing the projector should be minimised.

"Users, especially pupils and students, should try to keep their backs to the beam as much as possible."

It also recommended children should be closely supervised when asked to approach the whiteboards so their eyes are not damaged by the light.

Recent figures published by the Eyecare Trust revealed potentially half of parents of children under the age of eight have never taken them for a sight test.

by Martin Burns

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