Cornea transplant hailed a success

Cornea transplant hailed a success

By Adrian Galbreth

The recipient of a cornea transplant has hailed the operation a major success and recommended it to other people with eye disease.

Eugene Martin, 68, told the Herald Mail that he had always suffered from poor eyesight and even struggled to read newspapers in his 20s - something which became a major problem by the time he was in his 60s.

As a result, he underwent an operation to replace his corneas and it was such a complete success that he now endorses the procedure to anybody who is considering it but has reservations.

"The only pain I felt was removing the tape from my hairy arm after the IV," Mr Martin told the newspaper.

It comes after a new investigation into Fuchs dystrophy by experts at the Schepens Eye Research Institute suggested that it may be possible to reduce the need for patients to undergo corneal implants.

by Martin Burns

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