Patient complains after only one cataract is removed

Patient complains after only one cataract is removed

A grandmother who had a cataract removed at a hospital in Nottinghamshire has complained after her other eye was left untreated due to NHS cutbacks.

According to 78-year-old Joyce Bland, she can see clearly out of her right eye following the operation but was told by doctors that she could not have the left eye treated due to reductions in funding.

Speaking to the Mirror, she explained: "When I went back in for an examination and asked when they were going to do it, I was told by the doctor it wouldn"t be happening because of cutbacks. I was really disappointed and quite upset."

Mrs Bland added that she fears further cutbacks may impact patients such as her husband Norman, 83, and prevent them from receiving proper eyecare.

It comes after father Fuad Mohammed said that his daughter Shakila may have suffered irreparable eyesight damage due to shortcomings in the NHS.

He told Voice Online that delays in diagnosis meant his two-year-old did not receive vital treatment for Aniridia, a condition where the iris is absent or partially formed.

by Emily Tait

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