Regular eye tests "are vital"

Regular eye tests "are vital"

By Alexa Kaczka

help stave off damaging eye conditions, a specialist has warned.

Dr Aaron Weingeist, an ophthalmologist in Seattle and a clinical correspondent, said that older people in particular need to ensure that they undergo frequent eye tests so that changes in their vision can be monitored and action taken if necessary.

He recommended that those aged over 40 have a baseline exam and then have an eye test at least every five years, while over 65s need yearly check-ups.

The expert noted that millions of people around the world will suffer significant vision loss and even blindness because their risk of eye disease is not assessed.

"By getting a comprehensive eye exam, and following through with the recommendation of your doctor, it can be the difference in saving your vision or preventing further vision loss later in life," he explained.

Meanwhile, Phil Moss, commercial vehicle manager at the insurance company Swinton, recently pointed out that undergoing regular eye tests can help to save lives in the long term.

by Adrian Galbreth

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