Cosmetic contact lenses "can change lives"

Cosmetic contact lenses "can change lives"

Cosmetic and coloured contact lenses have helped to change the lives of many patients at one facility in Arizona, US, it has been claimed.

According to Jack Carter, owner of Green Valley firm Crystal Reflections, his store focuses solely on making contact lenses for cosmetic, theatrical and medical reasons and they are often bought by people with damaged eyes in order to give them a more natural appearance, the Green Valley News and Sun reports.

He explained that one teenager bought a natural-looking lens created by the facility and it helped to change his everyday life, with a letter from his father confirming this.

"He walks with a new bounce in his step, he exudes confidence, he meets and greets people with authority, his class work has improved and his signature smile has returned for the first time since December 2001," the letter read.

Recently, schoolboy Michael Davis, 13, said that he has been wearing contact lenses for over a year and has found that they make his everyday activities much simpler, from looking at textbooks at school to taking part in sports.

by Adrian Galbreth

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