SAD treatment "poses eyesight risk"

SAD treatment "poses eyesight risk"

Some treatments for seasonal affective disorder (SAD) may pose a risk to people"s eyesight if they are not supervised, according to one source.

When the nights are longer and much of the day being spent in gloom, many people in the UK suffer from SAD, although one treatment for the condition is the use of artificial UV light which helps to stimulates sensors in the brain and promote positive feelings.

However, Hanns Pieper, writing for the Courier Press, said that this form of therapy must only be attempted after consolation with a professional, and should also be supervised.

He explained: "Light boxes, which are used for this therapy, vary in the spectrum of light they emit and the degree to which they control UV rays. Under some circumstances, light therapy can do damage to the eyes and may lead to undesirable behavioural responses."


by Emily Tait

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