New reading test "may detect concussion"

New reading test "may detect concussion"

A new reading test may be an effective means of detecting whether athletes are suffering from concussion immediately after a sporting injury, it has been claimed.

Experts at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine have developed a simple reading test which can be conducted by athletes on the sidelines immediately after a head injury.

It involves reading single digit numbers displayed on index-sized cards and researchers say that any increase in the time needed to complete the test suggests a concussion has occurred, particularly if it is greater than five seconds compared to the person"s baseline test score.

Dr Laura Balcer, professor of neurology, ophthalmology and epidemiology at the university and senior author of the study, commented: "This rapid screening test provides an effective way to detect early signs of concussion, which can improve outcomes and hopefully prevent repetitive concussions."

In other research news, research carried out by Dr Claus Cursiefen, who is affiliated with the Harvard School of Medicine, showed that there have been positive results when a new surgical strategy using a single donor cornea to help two patients with differing corneal diseases is used.

by Alexa Kaczka

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