Mini-monovision surgery "the way forward"

Mini-monovision surgery "the way forward"

So-called mini-monovision surgery may become the standard in the eye industry, according to one expert.

Dr Tariq Qamar said that blended vision surgery, or mono-vision as it is commonly called, is being offered to his patients in a bid to remove their cataracts.

According to the specialist, the procedure is quick and easy and may soon become the de-facto means of treating patients with cataracts.

He also noted that, while patients may need to wear vision correction for activities such as reading small print or sewing, mini-monovision can mostly help eliminate their need for corrective eyewear for this.

In other research, a study carried out by Dr Claus Cursiefen, who is affiliated with Harvard School of Medicine, recently showed that there have been positive results when a new surgical strategy using a single donor cornea to help two patients with differing corneal diseases is used, and this may become a standard treatment.

by Alexa Kaczka

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