Wearing contact lenses "offers many advantages"

Wearing contact lenses "offers many advantages"

There are plenty of reasons to wear contact lenses rather than glasses, one source has claimed, as the products offer all the advantages of spectacles without any of the drawbacks.

According to Priya Prahaladhan, writing for the City Journal, contact lens wearers do not have the hassle of carrying around glasses in a case and can simply get on with their normal lives.

In addition, many of the benefits of glasses - such as UV protection - can be found in certain types of contact lens, she noted.

"Now, there are lenses which can block UV rays. This helps to protect eyes especially after cataract surgery, which is mostly done on adults," Ms Prahaladhan explained.

She added that, with proper care and handling, contact lens users should avoid any danger and enjoy wearing the products.

by Adrian Galbreth

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