Contact lenses "can be more convenient"

Contact lenses "can be more convenient"

Investing in contact lenses is a wise option for people who are sometimes absent-minded, according to one wearer.

Honours student Rekha told the City Journal that she prefers to wear contact lenses over glasses because the products are far more convenient on a daily basis.

She explained: "I prefer to wear the lenses as I am a bit absent-minded, so the question of searching for spectacles before going to college is avoided."

Another reason why many people choose contact lenses, according to the source, is that they can avoid leaving a mark on the bridge of the nose that many glasses wearers have.

Contact lenses are also better in wet weather as they do not get splashed and steam up like spectacles can, she observed.

Recently, vision expert Dr Tejas Shah, speaking to the Ahmedabad Mirror, said that more women wear contact lenses for vision correction than men as they tend to be more careful with the products.

by Alexa Kaczka

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