Children"s eyesight "must be checked regularly"

Children"s eyesight "must be checked regularly"

It is important for both children and adults to have their eyesight checked regularly, but particularly those with existing vision problems, one expert has warned.

Dr Salma Rai, a consultant pediatric ophthalmologist, said that children who have undergone procedures to correct their vision when very young need to be closely monitored for any deterioration in their eyesight.

"In children, despite the best cataract surgery, long-term and more frequent follow up is required because of changing refractive error due to their constantly growing eyes and the special concern of amblyopia, which is exclusive to children," she explained.

The expert added that it is "very important" for paediatric ophthalmologists to encourage parents to bring their offspring in for follow-up visits, at least in the initial years following paediatric cataract surgery.

by Adrian Galbreth

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