Eye check "saved" Sheila"s life

Eye check "saved" Sheila"s life

A pensioner has called for people to get their eyes checked regularly after a routine eye test discovered she had a serious health problem.

Sheila Chapman, who at 75, went to have her vision checked because she was struggling to see as well as she had.

While the optician found her prescription had not changed at all, she noticed an abnormality and she sent Ms Chapman to a doctor immediately.

Within a few days Ms Chapman had a tumour - a parieto-occipital meningionoma - removed from close to her brain.

"The operation has improved my vision a great deal and I know that if I hadn’t had that eye test I would have been in real trouble," she said.

She went on to add she could not "emphasise enough" how important having regular eye tests was, "not just to see if your eyesight has changed, but to check your health too".

Research by the Eyecare Trust and Boots found a quarter of the over 60s thought the quality of their vision limited their daily life.

by Alexa Kaczka

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