New laser treatment "is highly effective"

New laser treatment "is highly effective"

A new form of laser eye surgery has been described as highly effective by one surgeon, who has seen positive results in his patients.

Dr Joseph Ceravolo, an ophthalmologist, told WNCFTV.com that he is one of the first eye doctors to begin using the CrystalLine Femto Laser to treat patients and has so far been impressed with the results.

He explained that it works by using a Femto laser to create a flap in the front of the eye, something which used to be done with the use of an oscillating blade.

As a result, there is a reduced risk of trauma to the eye which many traditional procedures have, the expert explained.

He told the website: "There"s a degree of safety with it because you don"t have the uncertainties that you would have with a blade so you have that and not having to use mechanical friction of blade to make a cut they seem to heal much quicker."

His comments follow an announcement from Biolase Technology that it has received a new US patent covering the use of its laser technologies for treating presbyopia.

by Emily Tait

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