Contact lenses "are a great invention"

Contact lenses "are a great invention"

Contact lenses are a proven means of vision correction which can provide excellent results as long as people follow manufacturer instructions, one source has stated.

Jasmina Bektesvic, writing for HSJ.org, said that since the invention of contact lenses in the early 20th century through to the advanced products we see today, millions of people have benefitted from enhanced vision.

"Contact lenses are a great invention because they"re beneficial to many of us today. They will boost your confidence and help you see things that you could not see. If you choose to wear contacts over glasses be aware of the risks and dangers of wearing them," she added.

The writer also noted that it is important for people to regularly clean their contacts if they are to prevent infections from developing.

Recently, honours student Rekha told the City Journal that she prefers to wear contact lenses over glasses because the products are far more convenient on a daily basis.

by Emily Tait

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