Transplant gives legally blind patient sight

Transplant gives legally blind patient sight

A woman who was declared legally blind has had her eyesight restored thanks to transplant surgery.

The Press Enterprise reported that LaQuisha Higgins, 33, had to quit her job because her vision was so poor and she could not cross the road without assistance, but after a prosthetic cornea transplant at the Loma Linda University Medical Center, Higgins now has 20/20 vision.

Dr Julio Narvaez, the ophthalmologist who performed the operation, said that it has given Ms Higgins a new lease of life.

"Within one month of surgery, she was seeing 20/20 without glasses for distance vision. She has been able to attend college classes for the first time, as well as obtain her driver"s licence," he said.

Meanwhile, recent research carried out by Dr Claus Cursiefen, who is affiliated with Harvard School of Medicine, showed that there have been positive results when a new surgical strategy using a single donor cornea to help two patients with differing corneal diseases is used.

by Emily Tait

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