Is AMD linked to risk of strokes?

Is AMD linked to risk of strokes?

Posted by Adrian Galbreth

Late-stage age-related macular degeneration (AMD) could increase the risk of "bleeding strokes" in older people, new research has claimed.

A study presented at the American Stroke Association"s International Stroke Conference by the Dr Renske Wieberdink argued that the condition, which is also known as brain haemorrhage, seems to be more common when patients suffer from AMD.

Dr Wieberdink, who is an epidemiologist at Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, also pointed out that his study showed late-stage AMD does not seem to be associated with strokes caused by blood clots.

"Other studies have found there are more strokes in older individuals with late AMD, but ours is the first to look at the specific types of strokes," she commented.

The expert added that more research needs to be carried out into the exact relationship between AMD and the danger of strokes in older people to improve treatment.

Recent research by the Children"s Hospital Boston, published in the Science Translational Medicine journal, claimed that regular intake of omega-3 could reduce the risk of AMD.

by Alexa Kaczka

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