Lasik eye surgery "needs some research"

Lasik eye surgery "needs some research"

People thinking of having Lasik eye surgery to correct their eyesight should be fully aware of what the procedure involves, it has been suggested.

A post on the Cosmetic Plastic Guide blog pointed out that Lasik procedures are growing in popularity and recommended that potential patients carry out some basic research into the treatment.

The source explained that Lasik is not an appropriate treatment for everyone and advised people to visit an eyecare professional who will be able to carry out a thorough examination to determine their suitability.

In addition, the blog noted that there is a slight risk that patients will experience decreased vision in low light after the procedure, but said that this complication tends to disappear in the weeks after surgery.

The post advised people that they may need to take three or four days off work following Lasik surgery, adding that those who work with computers for long periods of time may need more recovery time.


by Martin Burns

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