Devon man undergoes groundbreaking lens implant

Devon man undergoes groundbreaking lens implant

By Adrian Galbreth

A father from Devon has become one of the first people in the world to benefit from a pioneering lens transplant, it has been reported.

The Plymouth Herald revealed that Andrew Keen, of Ivybridge, underwent an operation to implant acrylic multi-focal lenses in his eyes after developing a number of vision problems.

Mr Keen has suffered from issues such as astigmatism, lazy eye, severe long-sightedness and a convergent squint since childhood and found his vision worsened in his 30s when he developed presbyopia.

The 49-year-old decided to have a new form of multi-focus lens called the Lentis Mplus Toric implanted in both eyes after the product passed clinical trials last year.

After regaining his full eyesight thanks to the operation, Mr Keen told the newspaper: "It's been life-changing … This has made such a big impact."

Last week, the Press-Enterprise reported that Californian LaQuisha Higgins underwent prosthetic cornea transplant surgery to restore her sight after being declared legally blind.

by Emily Tait

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