Vision problems "may persist after lazy eye treatment"

Vision problems "may persist after lazy eye treatment"

People who undergo successful therapies for "lazy eye" can still experience vision problems after treatment, it has been pointed out.

Research published in the Archives of Ophthalmology journal followed a sample of 26 people whose vision had returned to normal or near-normal after being treated for the condition, which is also known as amblyopia, Reuters Health reported.

The study found that these patients still experienced difficulty in perceiving "real-world" images when compared to people with no history of lazy eye, even though their performance on doctor"s eye-chart tests had improved.

Reuters reported Dr Agnes Wong, of the Hospital for Sick Children and the University of Toronto in Canada, as saying: "The significance of testing "real-world" perception is that it gives us a better idea as to what people with amblyopia see in everyday life, rather than how well they see the eye chart."

According to NHS Choices, it is preferable for amblyopia to be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible - ideally before a child is six years old.

by Emily Tait

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