Aftercare "essential for laser eye surgery"

Aftercare "essential for laser eye surgery"

Laser eye surgery patients should safeguard their recovery by following a few simple steps, it has been advised.

An article on living.oneindia.in recommended that people ensure they take any antibiotic eye drops that their doctor prescribes, as these will reduce the risk of infection.

"After any surgery the immune system is low and even the slightest bacteria might create an infection. The first aftercare of laser eye surgery is to maintain cleanliness," the source explained.

The piece also said that some patients may need to wear eye pads for a few days after laser surgery to protect their eyes from dirt and dust.

In addition, the article recommended that people avoid being exposed to strong sunlight and stressed the need for them to prevent their eyes coming into contact with any chemicals.

Recently, a post on the Cosmetic Plastic Guide blog recommended that people carry out research before deciding to undergo procedures such as Lasik eye surgery.

by Alexa Kaczka

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