Thai police seize big-eye contact lenses

Thai police seize big-eye contact lenses

Posted by Alexa Kaczka

Police in Thailand have raided stores in Bangkok which sell so-called big-eye contact lenses, it has been reported.

The Bangkok Post revealed that two men - Non Leksomboon, 25, and 35-year-old Supakorn Charoenratanawong - were arrested by the officers from the Consumer Protection Police Division.

Officers from the force acted after people complained that they had developed eye infections after buying the lenses from shops in the Union Mall shopping centre in the Chatuchak district in the capital.

More than 10,000 pairs of the lens, which make the iris of the eye look bigger and are popular with teenagers, were seized during the raid, the newspaper reported.

Big-eye contact lenses can only be imported into Thailand by firms holding the proper licence. All such licences were revoked in October and only one has been issued since.

Earlier this month, the Bay Citizen reported University of California ophthalmology associate professor Bennie Jeng as saying that unapproved coloured contacts create the risk of eye infections for wearers.

by Alexa Kaczka

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