New motorcycle exam could include eyesight test

New motorcycle exam could include eyesight test

An eyesight test is set to be added to the current motorcycle exam required for learners to receive their full licence.

If new proposals announced this week are put into force, the UK motorcycling test will be split into two parts.

The first will involve exercises to gauge how well the rider can control their vehicle safety, such as an emergency stop.

Following this, the driver would be subject to an eyesight test and a 35-minutes road-based evaluation.

According to the Driving Standards Agency - the organisation that unveiled the plans – the two-part test would encourage riders to carefully consider each stage of the learning process.

Chief executive Rosemary Thew cited statistics that show motorcyclists account for a fifth of all road deaths.

"I hope motorcyclists will consider these proposals and give us their views," she added.

Many people wear contact lenses and glasses and some specifically require them for driving, but those who are worried about this potential addition - or anything about their eyesight in general - should book an eye test to check theirs are in good health.

by Emily Tait

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