Eye make-up tips for making peepers "sparkle"

Eye make-up tips for making peepers "sparkle"

With Christmas parties on the horizon, a make-up artist"s tips could help eyes to sparkle over the festive season.

Speaking to the Bournemouth Echo, Lucy Rossiter said as well as using bronzing powder and a good under-eye concealer, getting the right shade of lipstick is key.

This, she explained, "can really make your eyes sparkle".

Another make-up artist, Joanne Cooper, also noted the effectiveness of mascara and foundation as "two really quick fixes".

Contact lens wearers have no need to worry when it comes to wearing eyeshadow or mascara, as long as the products do not accidentally get on the lens and proper care is taken to check whether they are suitable.

However, some people with contact lenses prefer hypoallergenic products and make-up remover that is oil and fragrance-free.

Rimmel and Clinique are two brands that provide sensitive and hypoallergenic mascaras, so it could be worth checking these out and seeing what product is right for you.

by Alexa Kaczka

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