Eye health "is not difficult to maintain"

Eye health "is not difficult to maintain"

People can ensure their eyes remain in a healthy condition by following a number of simple tips, it has been advised.

According to a post on the Healthy of Care blog, people should consider having an eye test every 12 months, as this will allow any health problems to be identified early.

The blog also stressed the importance of a good diet, noting that foods which contain plenty of vitamin A and antioxidants can help to prevent conditions such as cataracts and macular degeneration.

In addition, the source warned about the dangers of reading in low light or using a computer too much, as these activities can strain the eyes.

The post also recommended that contact lens wearers make sure they use high-quality products and keep them in good condition by following the manufacturers" care advice.

Recently, an article on HSJ.org claimed that contact lenses are a "great invention", as they have allowed millions of people to improve their vision.

by Martin Burns

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