Boy"s eyesight "unaffected" by freak accident

Boy"s eyesight "unaffected" by freak accident

Nicholas Holderman fell on a bunch of keys while playing at home and one of them went through his eyelid - but his vision has not been affected.

He was taken to hospital where doctors operated to remove the item, which had not damaged his brain.

The boy"s eyesight was also not affected by either the accident or the surgery.

His mother Staci Holderman said: "I"ll never forget that moment. We knew that he was injured seriously."

Fortunately, accidents as dramatic as this are not commonplace, though parents should take notice of even small foreign objects that enter a child"s eyes - for example, bits of grit.

Many vision experts suggest not rubbing the eye to remove something, but to try washing the eye out with clean water or going to a doctor or the hospital - removing contact lenses before you do this.

"In most cases, eye injuries to your cornea heal within 24 - 72 hours," the NHS states.

by Alexa Kaczka

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