Baseball player Chris Volstad has Lasik eye surgery

Baseball player Chris Volstad has Lasik eye surgery

Posted by Alexa Kaczka

A baseball player is looking forward to a better performance on the field after undergoing Lasik eye surgery.

Chris Volstad, the pitcher for the Florida Marlins, recently followed the example of his teammate Josh Johnson and had the procedure on his right eye, blogs.palmbeachpost.com reported.

Johnson told the blog that Volstad used glasses to correct his vision problem - which was blurriness in his eye - but never wore the aids when he was around others.

After being given advice by his teammate, Volstad decided to correct his problem with Lasik eye surgery and used the services of Dr Cory Lessner, who operated on Johnson.

"Maybe I'll be able to hit better because I can pick up the seams quicker," Volstad commented.

Last year, Colorado Rockies player Todd Helton told the Denver Post that he hopes corrective contact lenses will allow him to improve his eyesight and boost his performance on the baseball pitch.

by Adrian Galbreth

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