Contact lenses "take time to get used to"

Contact lenses "take time to get used to"

It takes a varying amount of time for people to adjust fully to wearing contact lenses, it has been suggested.

A post on the birthstonenecklace.org blog said factors such as the type of contact lenses being worn and individuals" sensitivity will influence how long it takes for them to become accustomed to the products.

The article said that some doctors will ask their patients to return for a check-up after they have been wearing contacts for a week, as this will allow their progress to be checked.

In addition, the source claimed that there is no definitive age for when a person is old enough to start wearing lenses, explaining: "Age makes no difference as long as anyone putting on contact lenses may responsibly take care of them."

The post also offered other tips for wearing contact lenses, including ensuring users follow manufacturers" advice on cleaning and consulting a doctor to find out which kind of product is the most appropriate.

Also recently, a post on the Pointlogics blog claimed that shopping for contact lenses online can be better than visiting a store for a number of reasons.

by Adrian Galbreth

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