Nintendo 3DS "could strain eyes"

Nintendo 3DS "could strain eyes"

Posted by Adrian Galbreth

The latest Nintendo DS console, which offers 3D entertainment, could create eye problems in some people, an expert has claimed.

Larry Benjamin, vice-president of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists, tested the new Nintendo 3DS on behalf of the Independent and said the 3D technology used in the device is "remarkable".

However, he noticed that the quality of the screen is dependent on how the user is positioned and claimed that being just five degrees off the ideal viewing angle could lead to the eyes becoming tired.

"I think it's fair to warn people they may experience eye strain, double vision or difficulty focusing [when playing the console]. I think it'd be sensible to do longer-term trials on it," Mr Benjamin told the newspaper.

A spokesman for Nintendo said that the firm has not heard of people experiencing problems because of the new device and reminded gamers that they should be taking regular breaks.

According to a disclaimer on Nintendo's website, the use of the system's 3D feature has a risk of "vision damage" for children aged six and under.

by Adrian Galbreth

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