Eating eggs "can protect vision"

Eating eggs "can protect vision"

Eating eggs can help people to protect their vision and prevent the onset of eye disease in later years, according to one expert.

In an advice column in the Sun, Wellbeing"s nutritionist Amanda Ursell said that people can help to safeguard themselves against conditions such as age-related macular degeneration - the leading cause of blindness on the planet - by adjusting their diet.

She explained: "Egg yolks contain the super nutrient lutein. Eaten regularly, lutein appears to help boost the health of the eye and reduce the risk of age-related blindness."

The expert added that food which is rich in omega-3, such as oily fish, should also be consumed to protect vision.

Recently, an article published by DesMoinesRegister.com pointed out that a number of eye experts recommend taking certain vitamins to protect against the risk of macular degeneration, such as zinc and vitamin A.

by Martin Burns

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