Toddler facing blindness after being refused laser surgery

Toddler facing blindness after being refused laser surgery

Posted by Alexa Kaczka

A toddler faces the prospect of a lifetime of blindness and disfigurement after her local NHS Trust refused to fund laser surgery which would save her vision.

Two-year-old Zosia Knight was born with a small birthmark beneath her right eye which has gradually spread and now threatens her eyesight, reports the Daily Mail.

Specialist dermatologists have warned that the birthmark will continue to spread if left untreated and cause the youngster to lose the sight in her right eye.

Application for funding for the operation has been turned down despite backing from experts and Zosia's MP.

Doctors have recommended several courses of laser surgery to treat the birthmark, which would cost £12,000 to carry out privately, which seems to be the only option following NHS West Sussex's decision to refuse funding.

Carole Knight, Zosia's mother, told the newspaper: "She could face disability, blindness, discrimination and could lose her confidence in later life - and it all comes down to money."

In other news, an elderly man who has spent a decade registered as blind recently regained his sight after he spoke to a picture of his late wife.

by Martin Burns

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