Blind man uses ears to complete computer game

Blind man uses ears to complete computer game

A gamer in the US who has no eyesight has completed a computer game by using his ears.

Terry Garrett, a 23-year-old engineering student, used sound to finish Oddworld: Abe"s Exodus on his Playstation.

He attributed the feat to being able to listen to the intricate sound details in the 2D platformer.

Mr Garrett told Oddworld: "When I start playing I track sound landmarks [footsteps, objects, sound of running or pushing against walls]. After this, I start exploring to see what does what."

Although he did require assistance when text appeared on the screen, he completed the rest of the game with the help of a quicksave button and his own hearing.

In addition, Wing Kun Tam, a member of the Global Advisory Council and vice president of Lions Clubs International, recently said that there will be much benefit in the future from researching what causes childhood blindness and how to prevent it.

by Martin Burns

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