New eyecare device invented

New eyecare device invented

A doctor suffering from Bells Palsy has invented a new eyecare device to help him deal with a problem associated with his illness.

Dr Chuck R Courtenay experienced dry eyes as a side-effect of Bells Palsy and created the Eye POD Eye Care Kit to deal with this.

He found that while putting in contact lenses he often scratched his eye with his fingernail, leading him to seek to find a simpler way to do this and to apply eye drops.

Now his device is able to take contacts in and out quickly and place eye drops in the area without the use of fingers.

The invention contains a Tunnel-of-Light, which matches the pupil of the eye and the eye drop or contact lens, so that the item being applied sticks to the centre of the eye.

Only recently, Mr Peter McDonnell, honorary treasurer at the Royal College of Ophthalmologists, said that people can safely use contact lenses as long as they look after them correctly and insert them properly.

by Alexa Kaczka

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