Brit"s eyesight restored using platinum eye implant

Brit"s eyesight restored using platinum eye implant

A British retiree has had his eyesight restored thanks to an artificial platinum and silicon retina.

Eric Selby had been completely blind and reliant on a guide dog for over 20 years, but has had his sight restored after the implant was installed in his right eye.

The Argus II implant was designed by US-based company Second Sight.

Mr Selby"s platinum chip receives information from a tiny camera installed on his glasses which is then transported down the optic nerve and interpreted by the brain, enabling sight perception.

"It"s basically flashes of light that you have to translate in your brain, but it"s amazing I can see anything at all," Mr Selby told Associated Press.

A similar chip designed by engineers at the Doheny Eye Institute in Los Angeles was successfully used to restore the sight of a blind woman in 2008.

by Emily Tait

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