Reading study "may affect brain research"

Reading study "may affect brain research"

A recent study into how the brain processes information when people read may lead to new research into the organ"s relationship with the eyes, experts have claimed.

The study conducted by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and France, specialists showed that a certain part of the brain is used to process words whether they have been read with the eyes or through touch using Braille.

Now, experts claim that new studies into the Visual Word Form Area (VWFA) of the brain could help to unlock the secret of how the brain processes certain information.

"To the best of our judgment, this provides the strongest support so far for the metamodal theory of brain function. Hence, the VWFA should also be referred to as the tangible word-form area, or more generally as the (metamodal) word-form area," the study authors stated.

Also recently, it was reported that a 23-year-old blind student had completed a computer game using only his hearing, which has led experts to suggest the brain can place greater emphasis on certain senses if required.

by Adrian Galbreth

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